Travel Writing

Alamein: profile of Egypt’s rapidly disappearing charming north coast.

Alezba Village: A green retreat on the edge of Cairo.

America west coast style: A pitch for the glories of America’s west coast.

Bahrain: surprising touristic charms in the Gulf.

Boutique Chic: surveys the trend of some quality boutique hotels around rural Egypt.

Cape Cod: review of a trip to the outer end of this American summer classic.

Crystal Asfour: a sparkly excursion to this massive Cairo crystal factory.

Cuba travels: an account of a decade old trip around Cuba, published in Diva.

Desert Camping: the easiest way to access the wilderness around Cairo.

Germany by camper van: Family friendly traveling around Germany.

Jamaica: A journey to one of the gems of the Caribbean.

Luxor by Sleeping Train: an account down south on the famed Abela Express.

Oasis Road Trip: When god created Egypt’s string of western oases, she obviously had a road trip in mind.

Off the Beaten Track on the North Coast: an investigation into the glories of Egypt’s Mediterranean coast if you’re willing to venture off track off season.

Paris with Kids: not just for lovers, also superb for a family adventure.

Sinai Trekking: trekking in the steps of Moses.

Siwan Sojoun: a trek to Siwa, including a stay at the fabulous Adrere Amellal.

Stay-Cation: the joys of staying put when the rest of the world is on the move.

Sunbird Cultural Garden: Enlightening travel with kids in Cairo.

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Interesting Links

Dan Morrison’s account of his journey down the Black Nile.

Nora’s video clip profiling Tasmeem’s launch, a program with prominent jeweler Azza Fahmy providing training to Egyptian jewelry designers.

Koshary: hilarious Egyptian version of The Onion.

A fascinating guide to the baladi bars of downtown Cairo.

Directions to Dagher’s wonderful house in Sakkara.

A selection of useful information and documents related to Egypt’s water sector: Two Wikipedia entries provide a useful introduction to Egypt’s water and wastewater sector, one related to water resources management, the other to water supply and sanitation. Egypt’s National Water Resources Plan 2017, published in 2005 by the Ministry of Water Resources and Irrigation, provides a comprehensive and detailed summary of the sector, including useful graphs and statistics. Egypt’s State of Environment Report 2008 summarizes the status of national fresh water and coastal resources, and the Demographic and Health Survey, also of 2008, provides an overview of household drinking water and sanitation practices. UNICEF’s WASH Market Research Report (2009) provides a detailed breakdown of societal practices related to water and sanitation, and the UN’s report on the status of its water and sanitation supply in light of its human rights obligations presents a disturbing view of some of the gaps in the system, particularly in informal settlement/slum areas. An Oxford student’s MSc dissertation provides a useful snapshot into the decision making processes behind wastewater system development. A 2012 World Bank study provides a recent snapshot of the country’s sanitation system. The Arab Water Management Report (2010) summarizes things from a regional perspective, there is an increasing body of evidence linking water use, particularly its impact on food prices, to the uprisings of the Arab Spring, and the Blue Peace report lays out the evidence of regional scarcity, the case for increased cooperation, as well as some aggresive potential solutions. An interesting March 2012 supplement to Midan Masr profiled Nile politics in post revolutionary Egypt. Prominent Egyptian/American scientist Farouk El-Baz profiled the need for greater regional cooperation over remote sensing and data collection for groundwater management.

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