Now that we’ve been living in Almaty for several months, I suppose it’s time to add in some Almaty content. We miss Cairo, but, to be honest, it’s not the end of the world to leave behind the chaos of Cairo for the moment.

Here’s the family in Bukhara, Uzbekistan:

4 (2)

This being the land of Gengis Khan, of course there are many horses about. Here’s the family in Kyrgyzstan:


Nora seems happy that I haven’t found any polo yet, but I did try my hand at polo’s ancestor, Bushkazi, sometimes called Kokpar. Yup, that’s a goat under my knee. You score by dumping the goat in the opponent’s pit.



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Living in Cairo.
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One Response to Almaty

  1. Grant and Carol Davis says:

    Wonderful New Years Day photos of a happy family. Yes we glad you are out of the chaos of Cairo and disappointed for the Egyptian people there.
    We are pleased you are having this experience in the stans, and going for the goat!
    Blessings in this new year?
    Carol & Grant Davis

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