Restaurant Review

Alezba Garden: child friendly rural retreat on the outskirts of Cairo.

Amar El Sham: a wonderful Syrian sohour place during Ramadan, now its own reastaurant near the Sofitel in Zamalek.

Americani Resto: authentic Thai food–perhaps too authentic–catering to the Thai student population of Al Azhar.

Andrea’s Maryutea: Much copied, never equaled, this place deserves regular visits.

Aperitivo: a delightful update to La Bodega’s restaurant space, serving up Italian country food.

Arabesque: restored nightspot in downtown; gone from comatose to happening in the space of a few months.

Aux Delices de Marie: Delightful French countryside cooking at the foot of the Abu Sir pyramids. Unfortunately, now closed.

Bella: not so bella Italian food at the Garden City Four Seasons.

Bistro: an excellent new downtown bar and bistro.

Blackstone/Maadi: a wonderful new American bistro in Maadi.

Blackstone/Zamalek: The successful bistro comes to Zamalek.

Branzino: Thai food out in the Cairo suburbs

The Bread Guide: guide to Cairo’s best baguettes, co-written with my friend Catarina Berglund.

Burger Factory: the best of Cairo’s recent burger fad.

Cafe Mex: a new cafe/shisha addition to Zamalek’s street scene.

Cario Kitchen: delicious home-style Egyptian food – already in Zamalek – arrives in Maadi.

Cellar Door: decent, if not exceptional, international food in Maadi.

Chantilly: old-school splendor along Korba in Heliopolis.

Chop Chop: A decent Asian chain newly arrived in Giza.

Cortigiano: passable Italian food in Dokki.

Don Quichotte: A timeless favorite tucked away in Zamalek, a favorite of Cairo’s senior hipsters.

Estoril: Fustily wonderful old-time downtown place with the best toumeyya in town.

Flying Fish: Classic fish establishment in Agouza which has stood the test of time.

Fromagerie: delightful, if a bit pricey, imported French cheese and home-baked breads. Closed unfortunately.

Fuego: passable suburban dining.

Gourmandise: Maadi’s new branch of this French cafe with superb bread.

Grizzly’s: Competition for Zamalek’s best diner heats up.

Hana Barbeque: Zamalek’s landmark Korean restaurant reopens.

Kamala: delightful Asian fusion food at the Fairmont hotel in the Sawiris towers.

Kebdet El Prince: very possibly Cairo’s most delicious tastes, tucked away in Imbaba.

La Bodega: one of Cairo’s enduring classics. The Bistro side now needs a new home; Aperitivo continues.

La Maison Blanche: Extraordinary, extravagant, quality in the First Mall.

Little Swiss: fondue and Swiss food in Maadi.

Lucille’s: An American diner in Maadi.  May have the best burgers and pancakes in town.

Maharani: wonderful Indian food at the Pacha.

Makani: very competitive sushi at this widely available cafe.

Malek El Gambari: Classic local seafood joint in Shubra.

Massala: Spectacular Indian food on a side street in Heliopolos, run by a scion of the Oberoi family.

Matam Al-Khartoum: delightful down-market authentic Sudanese outpost downtown.

Melange: suburban food still lags way behind, this one’s in Sheikh Zayed.

Munch and Bagel: nearly New York quality bagels in Zamalek.

Napa Grill: Californian cuisine at the Fairmont.

Nawab: an unpretentious new Indian joint with a great range of dishes in Zamalek.

Nola: upscale new cupcakes in Zamalek.

On the Border: Surprisingly good Mexican food in City Stars.

Outback Steakhouse: something got lost in translation when this arrived.

Palas ’85: gritty but authentic Malaysian food with a Thai twist in Nasr City.

Pizza Mia: authentic Italian tastes on an unpretentious Zamalek corner.

Rifai: traditional grill in Sayeda Zeinab.

Saffron: Despite location, a suburban gem in 6th of October.

Saigon Bleu: overly indulgent French-Vietnamese fusion cuisine in the Fairmont.

Samar Al-Nil: Ethiopian food in Dokki with a glorious helping of Sudanese and Ethiopian fusion.

Sequoia: Is the doyenne of the Zamalek dining scene worth the hype?

Stavolta: fresh new gelateria in Maadi.

Sugar and Spice: a delightful new bakery in Zamalek started by a friend of mine. Closed unfortunately.

Taboula: Solid Lebanese food in Garden City, right near my office.

Taj Al Sultan: Indian/Arabian food near to Khan Khalili

Tempo: Decent dining in a suburban landscape on the Allegria golf course.

Trattoria: Zamalek’s neighborhood bistro

Uighur/Barakat: Authentic Uighur food serving this western Chinese community’s students studying at Azhar.

The Virginian: Faded, hill-edge bar in Moqattam commanding an extraordinary view of the city.

Wagamama: noodle chain comes to the Sawiris towers.

Zo: Excellent affordable Asian cuisine from the creators of Makani.


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One Response to Restaurant Review

  1. Luis says:

    Hi John,
    Impressive blog! A sad update: it seems that the restaurant Aux Delices de Marie is closed 😦

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