Cairo Writing

Changing public attitudes toward garbage in Cairo: raising awareness of the cultural barriers towards ending Cairo’s garbage problem.

Daring to Care: I have three chapters in the recently published book of chapters written pre-revolution edited in order to summarize post-revolution trends. The book was published by the Association of International Civil Servants in Egypt, with support from the United Nations.

Egypt and Food Security: An examination of Egypt’s preparedness to deal with shifting patterns of global food supply and demand.  Written with my friend, German agronomist Paul Weber.

Egypt’s Hydraulic Future: A reminder of the irrigation induced civilizational decline in Sumer and Akkad, and a ponderning of lessons learned for Egypt’s agricultural experiments with the High Aswan Dam and other irrigation enhancements.

In praise of undirected reading: a comment piece which ran in one of the inaugural editions of Egypt Independent, a spinoff of Masry Al-Youm, celebrating the richness of the paper reading experience over the directed self-censorship enabled by a screen.

Jewelry with kids: a profile as part of Masry Al Youm’s parenting series on designing and creating jewelry with kids.

Missing Public Space: an examination of the absence of reasonable public space in Cairo, published Feb. 2009 in the Al Ahram weekly. Below this article is “Getting Going,” an examination of some common sense solutions to Cairo’s traffic chaos.

Re-imagining urban Cairo: thoughts on Cairo’s urban development, inspired by David Sims’ excellent book “Understanding Cairo: The Logic of a City Out of Control.” A version of this article also appeared in Masry Al-Youm/Egypt Independent.

Tarek Sharif: profile of one of Egypt’s most exciting gastro-entrepreneurs.

Sharing the Nile: the case for cooperation over competition: An examination of Egyptian efforts to bully upstream neighbors in light of its own lax water practices. Published in Community Times, web version currently unavailable.

Smoking away in City Stars: a screed against lax anti-smoking enforcement in Cairo’s largest mall.

Spanish Gastronomy Week: a profile of the delightful tapas and wines served as part of the recent Spanish Gastronomy Week organized by my friend Marta in Cairo.

Street Profile: Zamalek’s Brazil Street: as part of Masry Al Youm’s street profile series, my daughter/photographer Hannah and I set off to discover one of Cairo’s most dynamic streets.

Water sector communications in Egypt: I helped Egyptian water and wastewater utilities develop a communications strategy, in English and Arabic, and compiled and edited a series of communications guidelines, in English and Arabic, a communications toolkit for utility officials.


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