Travel Writing

Alamein: profile of Egypt’s rapidly disappearing charming north coast.

Alezba Village: A green retreat on the edge of Cairo.

America west coast style: A pitch for the glories of America’s west coast.

Bahrain: surprising touristic charms in the Gulf.

Boutique Chic: surveys the trend of some quality boutique hotels around rural Egypt.

Cape Cod: review of a trip to the outer end of this American summer classic.

Crystal Asfour: a sparkly excursion to this massive Cairo crystal factory.

Cuba travels: an account of a decade old trip around Cuba, published in Diva.

Desert Camping: the easiest way to access the wilderness around Cairo.

Germany by camper van: Family friendly traveling around Germany.

Jamaica: A journey to one of the gems of the Caribbean.

Luxor by Sleeping Train: an account down south on the famed Abela Express.

Oasis Road Trip: When god created Egypt’s string of western oases, she obviously had a road trip in mind.

Off the Beaten Track on the North Coast: an investigation into the glories of Egypt’s Mediterranean coast if you’re willing to venture off track off season.

Paris with Kids: not just for lovers, also superb for a family adventure.

Sinai Trekking: trekking in the steps of Moses.

Siwan Sojoun: a trek to Siwa, including a stay at the fabulous Adrere Amellal.

Stay-Cation: the joys of staying put when the rest of the world is on the move.

Sunbird Cultural Garden: Enlightening travel with kids in Cairo.

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