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Commercial Viability of POU Water Purification Technologies: My 2005 dissertation from Oxford University examining if inexpensive point-of-use water purification devises can be dissiminated via a commercial mechanism.  It was published by the WHO.

Radical environment shift: An environmental call to arms, published in the Daily Star, Lebanon.

Articles I’ve enjoyed: A questioning of the fruits of the Iraq war; I clearly remember the day it started; Nora flew from our home in Lebanon to Cairo to give birth to Hannah on the first day – late March 2003 – that American jets began bombing Iraq. A nuanced reflection of some contributions that religion can make to our lives, similar to the contributions made by art or literature or nature, not holding religion responsible for making sense against a ‘knowledge’ criterion. A thoughtful unpacking of what Israel’s right to exist means. Jordan’s King Abdullah’s controversial article in the Atlantic where he takes the gloves off about nearly everyone, from tribesmen in Jordan to an Islamist crescent developing in the Middle East to his own family. An extraordinary video of a partial transit through the Suez Canal. Salman Rushdie on the demise of moral courage. A trailer for my friend Hossam’s documentary on Bob Bradley, American coach of the Egyptian soccer team, an American in a unique position in soccer-made Egypt at an extraordinary moment.


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