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The rest

Commercial Viability of POU Water Purification Technologies: My 2005 dissertation from Oxford University examining if inexpensive point-of-use water purification devises can be dissiminated via a commercial mechanism.  It was published by the WHO. Radical environment shift: An environmental call to … Continue reading

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Travel Writing

Alamein: profile of Egypt’s rapidly disappearing charming north coast. Alezba Village: A green retreat on the edge of Cairo. America west coast style: A pitch for the glories of America’s west coast. Bahrain: surprising touristic charms in the Gulf. Boutique … Continue reading

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Interesting Links

The Taj Al-Sultan restaurant in Al-Azhar square at the entrance to the Khan al-Khalili is an excellent restaurant. But great food is only a part of its splendor. I love language: how it’s used, how it transforms, how it is improved by its hybridization. On our way out the door, after the wonderful meal that I will get to in a moment, I picked up a flier advertising the restaurant’s “royal flavors of Arabia and India.” A little lower, in a flash of bold linguistic inspiration, the same flier described the restaurant’s “majesticity.” Now there is a word. Who cares that my computer is screaming at me to fix it by the squiggly red line underneath. Majesticity should be a word, and as far as I’m concerned, it is now. What a wonderful creation, a noun for something majestic, with the added advantage of having an onomatopoeic zip to it.

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